Friday, July 6, 2012

New Again...

This may not come as a shock to any of you, but this site will be changing again. But what WILL be a surprise is that this site is not just changing appearances, it's a complete content change. I realized that what I was doing with my site was already being done by several others, and done better. My insights and opinions were not unique enough to accomplish my ultimate goal for the original site, and so I'm taking a completely different route from here on out. After attending film school, I have come up with a much better use for this site: an informational site with all the things I learned about screenwriting from school and my own personal research. I've found that most of the information that I've gathered has been spread far and wide across the web and requires a great deal of Google searching to find it. So I plan to put up everything I've found right here in hopes that this site will be a one-stop tool for rising screenwriters. Thank you to all my followers. I know this may no longer be your cup of tea, but I'm glad you were there for my beginnings. So, obviously, this site will be undergoing some major renovations for the next little while. If you're interested, please continue to follow me.

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