Thursday, November 3, 2011


To be frank, this movie was a little boring and anti-climactic.
Hereafter follows the lives of three people who have experienced death in different ways: an American man who has the psychic ability to see departed loved ones, a French woman who momentarily died from drowning, and an English boy who lost his identical twin brother in an accident.
While the movie started out very engaging with a tragic tsunami scene, it slowed down afterward and never picked back up. And waiting for the three stories to intertwine was long and tedious. The stories are interesting, but not enough. Matt Damon, C├ęcile De France, and the McLaren brothers do a good job of carrying this movie on their shoulders, but not enough to save it from its dull resolution. There was a definite lack of payoff when it was all over.

**Spoiler Alert**
I have to admit that the dead little boy was kind of a jerk. He seemed nice while alive, but then became mean-spirited once he passed on. His brother searches for a way to connect with him for most of the film, and when he finally does, the only thing his brother can say is don’t touch my hat, you can’t rely on me anymore, and goodbye. Jerk.
And I was really upset at the idea that it was mere coincidence that the boy’s losing his hat in the subway saved his life. I was happy with the thought that the ghost brother knocked it off his head as the act of a guardian angel to keep him from getting on the train. But then we find out that the ghost brother knocked it off the boy’s head because he was mad that he was wearing it and that the boy missing the train was just a happy coincidence. Lame. Again, jerk of a brother.
And what was with the random flash of a kiss between Damon and France? If they were trying to establish the idea that Damon can touch France without seeing visions, we already get that with the handshake and lack of visions when they first meet up in the street after the flash. The scene was completely random and unnecessary. And weird, too.
**End Spoiler Alert**

Overall, the film was a bit bland. The end.

As far as questionable content:
There is a tsunami scene in which several people are engulfed in water that can be a bit traumatic, and there is a scene where a little boy is hit by a car and smashes into a car windshield with some blood splatter. He is afterward lying on the ground with blood running from his head.

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