Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vantage Point

While the overall premise of the film is interesting, this movie was not executed in an interesting way.
Vantage Point shows us a terrorist attack on the President of the United States from several different characters’ point of view.
The idea of this movie was to take a scene and show it from several different perspectives that would slowly reveal to us who was behind the attack. That would be interesting, except for the fact that there were too many different points of view, and not enough interesting moments happening between them. Each viewpoint is started with a few-second countdown to 12:00 P.M.. After three times, I groaned when this scene would pop up again. After three viewpoints, you just want to know who did it and you really, really don’t want to see the attack again. Of all the characters in the film, only four of them are interesting enough to follow. The others just add monotony to the film. Cut their scenes out and it would have been a much smoother and exciting ride. No offense to anyone, but I would definitely cut out the little Hispanic girl from the film. She was so annoying! And when she ran out into traffic and just screamed for five minutes while the ambulance slowly came at her... just ticked me off.

**Spoiler Alert**
Yes, I know that without her jetting out in front of the ambulance the bad guys would have likely escaped, but it was still annoying to have to watch.
**End Spoiler Alert**

Another disappointment of the film for me was the Control Room scene with Sigourney Weaver. If you are the director of a live broadcast involving several world leaders, you would not be as relaxed and motionless as the people in that Control Room were in that scene. Weaver would be constantly talking to cameramen, yelling orders to crew members, watching each TV screen for better camera angles, and she would certainly NOT have time to take a phone call during the show! Someone did not do their research.
Sorry, I’ll step down from my soap box. Overall, the film had some interesting plot twists and exciting moments, but it was too redundant to be an enjoyable watch.

As far as questionable content:
Since the film deals with terrorists, there are some disturbing images, violence and profanity throughout.

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