Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

To begin, this was a hard review to write. I've only seen the movie once and I went in with so many preconceptions that I will likely have to sit down and watch the movie again to get a real feel for the film and how much I like it. I saw it a while ago, but needed time to think it over a bit before spreading my thoughts before you.
Second part to The Deathly Hallows and conclusion to one of the biggest film franchises in history, Part 2 follows Harry, Hermione, and Ron as they search out the last Voldemort horcruxes and try to stop an impending attack on Hogwarts.
I certainly found this film refreshing and a lot more enjoyable than the slow and awkward Part 1. While the first film had some enjoyable moments - our heroes breaking into the Ministry of Magic - it didn't add much to the film series. This film on the other hand delivered a great deal of satisfaction to any Harry Potter fan. The story moved along at a very pleasing pace and I was engaged throughout the entire film. There was enough spell-casting and wand fights taking place in this movie to appease any magic-lover. The resolution of each character's story was satisfying and everything led to a gratifying end. The performance of the actors was very good, the special effects were incredible, and I feel the series finished with a powerful bang.
Still, while there was much that was good in the film, there were a few things that needed some more attention. First, I was sad that Nicholas Hooper - composer for Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince - was not in charge of the musical score for these last two films. His music for parts 5 and 6 was spot-on and added a great deal of depth and emotion to each film. I felt that his work on this film could have been an excellent contribution to the overall impact of the series end.
Second, while it was a great jolt to see the deaths of some of our favorite characters, I felt the film did not do their deaths enough justice in this movie. The revelation of their deaths was a shock, but the film moved on too quickly for us to get a full blow of knowing these characters are gone. I little more hang time and emotion with each death would have made for a more intense and growing despair and an overall greater triumph in the end.

Overall, the film was very enjoyable and rewarding. Definitely worth the time and money. Thus ends a great franchise.

As far as questionable content:
The film had some pretty violent moments and it certainly earns its PG-13 rating. I would not recommend the film for youngsters as it would be a little too scary.

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