Monday, August 22, 2011

Quarter Finalist Round... CWA Contest...

The results for the Quarter Finalist round of the CWA came in this morning. Sadly, my script didn't make it to this round. But the fact that a rough draft of one of my first screenplays was a preliminary finalist is still pretty inspiring and exciting. This gives me great hope that I can eventually become a powerful and influential writer once I have gone through school and learned how to truly write good films. Thanks for everyone's support! My screenplay is still in one more contest - the Gimme Credit International Screenplay Competition - which should begin announcing finalists in either late October or early November. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preliminary Finalist - CWA Contest...

Taking a moment to turn the spotlight on myself for a moment, I wanted to update everyone on my recent happenings. Since I applied and was accepted to film school, and since my degree will be in screenwriting, I decided to take a shot at some screenplay contests to see where I stood in my ability to write. I turned a screenplay titled "The Truth About James Torpor" into a couple different contests, one being the Creative World Awards (CWA). This past Monday, the CWA preliminary finalists were announced. My script was listed as a prelim finalist in the Short Film category. This is pretty exciting since it was a first draft of the script and, while I was hopeful, I really didn't expect much to come about from it. There are three more judging rounds before the winners are announced on September 12. The quarter finalists will be announced this coming Monday, August 22. I'll keep everyone updated on the results.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

To begin, this was a hard review to write. I've only seen the movie once and I went in with so many preconceptions that I will likely have to sit down and watch the movie again to get a real feel for the film and how much I like it. I saw it a while ago, but needed time to think it over a bit before spreading my thoughts before you.
Second part to The Deathly Hallows and conclusion to one of the biggest film franchises in history, Part 2 follows Harry, Hermione, and Ron as they search out the last Voldemort horcruxes and try to stop an impending attack on Hogwarts.
I certainly found this film refreshing and a lot more enjoyable than the slow and awkward Part 1. While the first film had some enjoyable moments - our heroes breaking into the Ministry of Magic - it didn't add much to the film series. This film on the other hand delivered a great deal of satisfaction to any Harry Potter fan. The story moved along at a very pleasing pace and I was engaged throughout the entire film. There was enough spell-casting and wand fights taking place in this movie to appease any magic-lover. The resolution of each character's story was satisfying and everything led to a gratifying end. The performance of the actors was very good, the special effects were incredible, and I feel the series finished with a powerful bang.
Still, while there was much that was good in the film, there were a few things that needed some more attention. First, I was sad that Nicholas Hooper - composer for Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince - was not in charge of the musical score for these last two films. His music for parts 5 and 6 was spot-on and added a great deal of depth and emotion to each film. I felt that his work on this film could have been an excellent contribution to the overall impact of the series end.
Second, while it was a great jolt to see the deaths of some of our favorite characters, I felt the film did not do their deaths enough justice in this movie. The revelation of their deaths was a shock, but the film moved on too quickly for us to get a full blow of knowing these characters are gone. I little more hang time and emotion with each death would have made for a more intense and growing despair and an overall greater triumph in the end.

Overall, the film was very enjoyable and rewarding. Definitely worth the time and money. Thus ends a great franchise.

As far as questionable content:
The film had some pretty violent moments and it certainly earns its PG-13 rating. I would not recommend the film for youngsters as it would be a little too scary.

P.S. - The image in this post is copyrighted by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Train Your Dragon...on the Stage...

While I am a big fan of the film How To Train Your Dragon, a stage-play seems a little anti-climactic and void of the most important aspect of the story...flying. But when I eventually saw this promo video for the show, my mind was blown and suddenly it didn't seem so impossible after all. The animatronics and special effects used in the show looks absolutely amazing. Well done! Sadly, the show won't premiere until next year, and even then you'd have to fly to Australia to see it.