Saturday, June 4, 2011


If you're laughing through most of what is supposed to be a serious movie, that's not a good sign.
When a group of friends meet up in LA for a birthday celebration, their partying is interrupted by the descent of some hungry aliens looking to harvest the human race.
Skyline is another alien movie that retells the same, old story of aliens taking over the earth. They tried to make it different, but failed to successfully do so. They also failed to capture our interest. They also failed in making a good movie.
To begin with, the movie did not make the characters engaging enough and while they attempted to make us feel emotionally involved by making one of the main characters pregnant, it did not work at all. Most of the characters dropped like flies, and you didn't really care. The acting was okay, but really suffered from a lack of good dialogue. The movie was painful to listen to whenever the characters had to speak more than a few words at a time.
While attempting to be a different kind of alien film, the movie had too many likenesses to other more popular alien films such as Independence Day and War of the Worlds. The music was overdone and tried to make you feel more emotional at certain parts, but it only ended up adding to the predictability of the movie. If the music starts getting triumphant, you know it won't last. And to sum up the rest of the film: The slow motion parts were ineffective, the action was ridiculous, the scares were cliché and predictable, the "redshirt" extras were obvious, but the special effects were good.

**Spoiler Alert**
As the movie was getting close to ending, I couldn't help myself from laughing out loud. The jet crashing over Jarrod and Elaine and then smashing into the giant alien harvester was so over the top that it made the stunts in Live Free or Die Hard believable.
The emotional "I love you" moment as Jarrod and Elaine were getting sucked into the spaceship was so ridiculous that I was rolling on the ground from laughing so hard.
But Jarrod becoming an alien and then saving his wife as the ending of the film had me guffawing away on the steamship of hilarity.
**End Spoiler Alert**

Overall, if you can watch the movie for free and you're in the mood for a good alien movie spoof (that's the only way to enjoy this movie) then I'd say go for it. But if you want a serious alien invasion film, here's a good list to browse over:


Independence Day

Men in Black

War of the Worlds


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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  1. you have mars attacks on this list... interesting choice. haha thanks for that review, i have been in an alien movie mood lately and was almost tempted to waste a dollar at redbox on this... i think i'll go with something else...

  2. Ya, not that Mars Attacks is a fabulous movie. It has its fun moments. But it just nailed down the point that a lot of things were better than Skyline.