Thursday, May 26, 2011


For me, Stardust was a wonderfully pleasant surprise. It was full of adventure, comedy, wonderful characters, and an engaging storyline.
Stardust is a film about a young man named Tristan who crosses into a magical world in hopes of finding a fallen star and bringing it back to his female crush in order to win her love. He quickly has to adjust his plans when he discovers that the fallen star is not in fact a piece of rock, but a living celestial beauty named Yvaine.
First and foremost, Stardust is, as the book author noted, a fairytale for adults. While the film can overall be seen as kid friendly, there are some sensual jokes and violence in the film that may be too adult for young'ns.
I found this film to be quite original in it's story and a joy to watch unravel. The several paralleling storylines are engaging and hilarious and the actors do an excellent job, especially Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. It's just a fun movie.

**Spoiler Alert**
I have to admit that one of my favorite scenes in the film is the swordfight between Tristan and the dead Septimus. They way they had the undead Septimus move throughout the fight was bewitching and it's something that I've never seen in any other film before. Not even Jackie Chan's drunken master moves can compare with the oddity and fun of that battle scene. Well done!
**End Spoiler Alert**

If you are in the mood for a fun adventure with lots of surprising and action, Stardust is a good film to turn to.

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