Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Overall, not a bad film. Not the best Disney animated film, but I would say it's better than the other non-Pixar, computer-animated films.
Tangled is Disney's interesting take on the tale of Rapunzel, with a few twists and turns added in.
This film has a lot to like as well as a lot left to be desired. The story is a classic Disney princess tale and follows the same pattern as previous Disney princess films, which is good. The characters are engaging and the comedic moments add up to a lot of fun. On the flip-side, the film would have faired better as a non-musical. The songs in the film were random, unnecessary, and, at times, a bit too ridiculous. Like previous Disney films, the music is meant to add to the film and build the emotion of a character or scene. The music did not do this in Tangled; it almost seemed thrown in there just to make it a musical or to use Mandy Moore's talent.
Also, I think we've been quite spoiled by Pixar and their amazing animation skills. The animation in this just doesn't match the quality and believability that Pixar and DreamWorks have achieved in their films (especially with fire and water effects).
Also, I saw a lot of other Disney movies incorporated in this one, as if they took a bunch of previous Disney animated films and cut them together into one: The mother-daughter relationship as well as the daughter's wish to leave the tower for a day is almost exactly replicate of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Quasi and Rapunzel even sing a similar-themed song about going outside). The almost-kiss scene in the boat on the lake was scene-stealing from The Little Mermaid without the singing fish. And - without going into great detail - the sacrifice and miracle at the end of the film was copied almost straight from Beauty and the Beast, from wound down to the tear drop.
Okay, I'm done ranting. Not a bad flick.

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  1. LOL. All Disney movies rip off other movies, especially the princess movies. They apparently have no qualms about stealing from their own as well. Tangled is probably my favorite Disney animated film (if you accept, as I do, that Pixar movies aren't actually Disney movies). One of the reasons is that most of their animated films are aimed at little children, in particular, little girls. They don't have a lot to offer a male, specifically an adult male. This movie was geared to a broader audience. I found myself caring about Rapunzel and what happens to her. After watching I thought it felt much like a Pixar movie, because they also are geared towards a broad audience. That's when I saw in the credits that Tangled is produced by John Lasseter. While I think that Pixar movies are superior to Disney movies, Tangled fits in the middle ground, it's better than most of Disney's tripe, but not quite up to par with Pixar.

  2. i wrote a WHOLE long comment about this and then it didn't process and erased it. pretty much i LOVE this movie and disagreed with about some points, which i make pretty decent arguments for and then i agreed with you about one or two things. :)

  3. Blah, I posted a response, but it disappeared. I really loved this movie as well. It was far better than most Disney movies, mostly because it attempted a broad audience, especially for a princess movie. Most princess movies are geared towards a young female audience, or at least a young audience. I really felt some Pixar influence in this movie, so I wasn't surprised that John Lassiter's name is there as a producer. It may not have been quite as good as the most Pixar films, but it came close. I don't agree with you on the music. Everything seemed appropriately placed to me.