Thursday, March 17, 2011


This was an unexpected and delightful treat. I am not a big Will Ferrell fan and the previews of the film reminded me too much of Monsters Vs. Aliens, a film which I despised greatly. So I wasn't thrilled at the idea of seeing this film. But I did, and I liked it.
The story is about a supervillain, Megamind, and his attempts to outwit heroes and take over Metro City. But what happens if he were to actually win?
The previews for the film were deceiving in the sense that you thought you knew what the story was going to be about and you thought it was just another predictable superhero film. Not so. The storyline showcased in the previews took place for the first ten minutes of the film and then everything moved on. The rest of the film was full of twists and turns and you won't know what to expect next. The storyline was fun and unique, the characters were engaging, and the development of story and characters was believable.
On the other hand, the comic wit of the film was not fully there for me. There were some very funny moments and gags, but also some very lacking comedy as well. But... not enough to take away much from the film.
So, overall, a fun movie that had lots of surprises and made for an enjoyable experience. I would say that it wasn't as good as Shrek Forever After or How to Train Your Dragon, but I will say that it is better than Despicable Me and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. For more on those films, please see my past reviews.

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