Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

I have always enjoyed the Harry Potter films and my liking of them has increased with each new film that is released. And before I go any further, I should note that I did not read any of the books (except for the first one) before seeing the films. I am much more of a movie fan (obviously) and my philosophy is that if you want to be able to enjoy both the movies and the books, see the movie first.
Now, back to Harry Potter. This film marks the beginning of the end as Harry, Hermione and Ron travel the world looking for horcruxes (evil artifacts containing pieces of Voldemort's soul) and the means to destroy them.
This is my least favorite film in the franchise. It was dark, it was depressing, and it raised more questions than answers. Now, I know that this is supposed to be a two-parter and since the story is only half finished, there will always be lots of questions. But overall, there was very little here to enjoy. Every movie usually has a stunning climax and some really cool magical moments in the film, and this one lacked both. The climax was weak and there wasn't really anything new to see in this film. Nothing that we haven't really seen before. And if we've seen it all before...
I'm sure most of my opinions will change (hopefully) with the viewing of the second part, but until then, I'm not a big fan of this film. Aside from that, the special effects were impressive, the acting was well played, and the story moved smoothly.

As far as questionable content:
The film is dark and there are some scary and violent moments throughout. This is not recommended for younger children.
*Spoiler Alert*
According to the book, In the moment where Ron faces off against the demon within the horcrux, he is given a vision of Harry and Hermione in love and there is a moment where they kiss. In the film, the "kiss" became more of a sex scene with Harry and Hermione making out while completely nude. You never see any private parts, but it is a very risky scene. I hated this moment of the film. The naked make-out session was inappropriate, random, and just plain weird. So, just a heads up.
*End Spoiler Alert*

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  1. This flick is nothing more than a stepping stone. It is not terrible, but it definitely doesn't work as a standalone. But Sorcerers Stone is still my least favorite in the series. That movie sucks.

    My favorite part was the animation explaining the deathly hallows. That rocked.

  2. Fantastic! Dark and exciting and very well done. can't wait for the final movie in the series!

  3. well well well... a little HP bashing i see. well, I've read all the books...a few years ago. after my last disappointment (reading book 6 right before the movie came out) i decided to forego the book reading and just enjoy the movie. I agree wholeheartedly that the naked sex between Harry and Hermoine is inappropriate, uneeded, and most importantly: NOT IN THE BOOK. Other than that, i did enjoy the book and even though it is dark and depressing, I think that is exactly the feeling that the first half of the book should be evoking. After Dumbledore dies in the last movie, there's gotta be a "depressed" time, and to be honest, I think that the first half of the book was just as dark and depressing as the movie made it out to be. Just think of how refreshing and bright the end will seem when good overcomes evil....