Thursday, January 13, 2011

Despicable Me

While certainly not my favorite animated film from 2010, this one was pretty funny. The movie is carried well by the zany minions and by Steve Carell and his ridiculous accent.
After a Pyramid of Giza is miraculously stolen, Gru, a villain whose criminal deeds have been undermined from the Pyramid heist, attempts to out-due all other villains by pulling off the biggest and baddest theft of all... stealing the moon.
While I was saddened that a great deal of the funny moments from the film were shown in the previews, there was still a lot of random and laugh-out-loud moments. There was a nice blend of storytelling and humor.
I think that the most annoying part for me was the music they chose to put in the film. I'm not talking about the score; I'm talking about the song excerpts. Most of the songs I disliked were performed by Pharrell, a rising R&B/Hip Hop artist. I have never been a fan of R&B/Hip Hop, so I naturally disliked his music. There's nothing wrong with the music, I just don't like that type of style.
Aside from that, the movie was good fun.

As far as questionable content:
The movie features some dance moves that are a bit suggestive and also features some minions making photocopies of their buttocks.

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  1. The Pharrell music was one of my favorite parts of the movie. Take the theme park portion for instance. The Pharrell songs captured the joy of that scene perfectly. And you gotta love his theme song! That was awesome! This is a flawed review for this reason.

    Best animated movie of 2010. D-Rock, sometimes you disappoint me...