Friday, November 5, 2010

Toy Story 3

I think that this movie went a long way in proving the ability of Pixar to make outstanding films and never cease to amaze their audience. This film had a lot of people worried and had a pretty big wall of expectation to overcome. I know that I personally was groaning at the idea of ANOTHER Toy Story film. I liked the first film, and the second film did a good job of topping the first one. But I felt like I had been to the world of toys enough after the second one and was not impressed with the idea of a third part in the franchise. The first few previews for the film did not help convince me either. It was not until it came out and started getting excellent reviews that I began to think differently. I have always liked Pixar, but as Pixar is teamed with Disney now, Disney has a horrible track record with sequels. I think the success of this film really rested upon the direction they took with it story-wise.
In this third installment, Andy is packing up for college and most of the toys assume that Andy doesn't want them anymore and donate themselves to Sunnyside Day Care. Upon arriving at Sunnyside, they realize that everything is not as sunny and bright as they first thought.
I think this film answered a lot of questions brought up by the first two films and really takes a deeper look into the emotions of the toys when they feel that the one they loved so much no longer loved them. This idea leads to some very strong character development for not only the toys, but Andy as well. While the film remains humorous and fun throughout, it definitely has a more serious and emotional side to it than did the previous films.
Pixar has always risen above the odds and I hope to see this tradition continue, especially since the next film they're releasing is Cars 2. That will have a lot of hurdles to overcome. I felt that this was a very well-done film and really took us to new heights and new lows with the toys we have grown to love since 1995. The film was handled very carefully by Pixar and they made sure to make it a new and exciting experience for us without making it a different world all together. I also think that Pixar ended this film and this franchise perfectly with all the pieces placed exactly where they should be.
A big shout-out for Pixar in this film and their ability to surprise and delight us over and over and over again.

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