Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

While Don Knotts is not the prettiest guy you've ever seen, his ability in humor is astounding. You can't help but laugh at how expressive and kooky his faces can be as well as how likable he can make his characters.
Probably one of Knotts' more popular films, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken follows an aspiring reporter into a haunted house where he witnesses horrific supernatural evidences of past murderings in the home. His admired ability to spend the night in the house draw the attention of the town as well as the home's chiseled owner. Things get chaotic when the owner threatens to sue Knotts for libel.
This film has both its comedic and frightening moments and there are times where you wonder if you are supposed to laugh or jump. I think that this film takes full advantage of Don Knotts' comedic genius and he cooks up some hilarious moments for the film. This is a movie that should not be passed up because it's out-dated. I think it's a fun film for Halloween or anytime you want to laugh at a goofball in action.

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