Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

If you're in the mood for non-stop action and adventure and little in the way of character development and plot, then this is your movie.
Now, giving credit where it's due, they did try to make a sensible and well-developed film. The characters had interesting stories and the actors did well, but it just didn't come together in the end.
The film follows an adopted prince of Persia as he and his brothers conquer a holy city and take possession of a magical, time-altering dagger. After being blamed for the murder of his stepfather, the prince must discover the true murderer before his angered brothers have him killed.
Being that this movie was based off of a video game and that the script for the film was conceived by the video game-series writer, it played out very much like a video game would. There are some cheesy lines, some obvious statements and redundancies, and it all went on a little longer than it should. The point of the film (as was with the games) was to be drawn into the action and see some pretty cool things while doing it. The action scenes were well played and enjoyable to watch, and the special effects were stunning. You can tell that this film had a lot of the crew from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise; it just had such a similar feeling to it.
Now, let us jump deeper into the technicalities of the film. Number one, Jake Gyllenhaal. The guy is a good actor, no fight there. But he is not an action star, nor is he a convincing Persian prince. He just does not look the part. While he did a decent job, I just think it was a poor casting decision. I had a hard time watching him play a part that just was not him. Number two, the princess was a bit of an annoyance. Yes, I understand that if you pull someone out of their environment and place them in an opposite one, they will react in an odd and uncharacteristic way. But, being that this princess supposedly was wise beyond her years and lived through some very enlightening and mind-boggling moments in her young life, you think that she would have kept her head on a little straighter when she left her kingdom. She traversed between a winy little girl and a teenager attempting to be smart a little too often and it was unconvincing and annoying. You expected more from her; or at least hoped for more. And maybe it was just me, but did any one else see Sheik Amar as a Jack Sparrow rip-off? Just me?
The ending was interesting, somewhat bold, but interesting. That's all I'll say there. But overall, the movie was fun too watch - a little too long - but entertaining to say the least.

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