Friday, November 5, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

I think most people were skeptical about this film when it came out because it hadn't been advertised very well and the title doesn't exactly strike a person as appealing. I wasn't at all interested in this film when it came out until some trusted associates began telling me how much they enjoyed the film. My curiosity was piqued and I rented the film and watched it with somewhat low expectations.
The story is about a group of rising vikings that are being trained on how to kill a dragon. When scraggly, odd Hiccup manages to injure a dragon outside of school, he finds that he is unable to kill it as taught. He instead becomes determined to help the dragon recover and fly once more.
This was a very good movie, and I'm not saying that because I had low expectations. DreamWorks seems to be a real hit-or-miss company with their animated films and this was the best one I've seen since Kung Fu Panda. The story was a lot more interesting than expected and the blend of humor and action was very well played. The characters were likable and had believable personalities and development, and that goes for the dragons as well. The animation style was a bit different and I heard some people say that it was too much of a video-game look to be enjoyed, but there were still some stunning visuals in the film and some very creative moments. The voice acting was very well done and the musical score for the film was amazing! You can't go wrong with John Powell; that guy is an amazing composer.
Overall, the movie was a perfect mix of fun and comedy and should not be missed, whether you like the visual style or not.

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  1. I know I was really skeptical about it, didn't hav enearly the press that we're used to, but I really enjoyed it, thought the cast was well put together, and it made me laugh. I think I enjoyed as much as my boys!