Saturday, October 30, 2010

Men In Black II

While not the worst sequel out there, this one did not stand up to the par of the first Men in Black film. We'll have to see if they step it up for the third MIB movie. This film was enjoyable to a point, but it didn't have all the fun and wit of the first one. This film lacked the humor and innovation of part one, and the character development style was just plain goofy. Smith's character acted like a high-schooler attempting to be too cool and came off more as annoying. In the first film, his attitude was funny, in this one it was childish. Bringing back Jones' character was a smart move and made the film more agreeable, but he didn't have the powerful presence he had before (but seeing him in a postman outfit was pretty funny). Serleena, the Victoria's-Secret-model enemy, was non-threatening, no matter how invincible they attempted to make her (she died at least 3 times). Scrad/Charlie, the idiotic evil henchman, was the Jar-Jar Binks of this film: unhelpful and annoying; the movie would have been much better without him.
The film did have it's moments (Michael Jackson's cameo was spot-on), and the new theme song wasn't too bad, but they just weren't enough to make this the good flick that it could have been.

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