Monday, October 4, 2010

The Hall With Eyes...

Life has been pretty busy recently. Myself and a few chosen others are in the beginning processes of creating a film production company and that is taking most of our time. More information to come on that subject. As one of our start-up projects, we entered into a contest called the International Movie Trailer Festival. The rules require that you make a trailer for a movie - produced or un-produced -  that would be intriguing and very high-quality. We decided to produce a trailer for an idea that Shelton had called, The Hall With Eyes. Here is the completed trailer:

The competition closed on September 30th and all entries are currently being reviewed. The grand prize for the competition is $5,000 plus a meeting with an industry insider, along with other various subsequent prizes to be won. We're hopeful. This could be the necessary kick-off for our company. Winners will be announced anytime between now and December 1st of this year.

Also amongst contests is the Macbeth: Realization of a Vision documentary that I created in February:

It is currently a finalist in the CBI National Student Production Awards contest. Winners will be announced at the end of this month. Macbeth will also be turned into the College Television Awards (hosted by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, A.K.A. - Emmys) contest soon.

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  1. Wow. Great trailer! I was really seeing it for a real movie. Remind me not to watch it, though! ;) Great job - I'm rooting for you to win!