Friday, August 13, 2010


To begin, I have been waiting for this film since Christopher Nolan announced it. All films I have seen from him are amazing and I usually have high expectations for him. After The Dark Knight, I expected a great deal from this film. The previews only helped to flame the fire. It is also a common thing for me that when people talk about how wonderful a film is, I walk into the theaters overly-hyped and usually walk out disappointed. Case-in-point: Avatar. I was beginning to get over-hyped with this film since people couldn't stop talking about it and everyone loved it.
Now, isn't it wonderful when you can get over-hyped and walk into a movie with sky-rocketing expectations and still come out completely satisfied?
Yes, it's wonderful! And yes, that happened with this movie!
The movie follows a team of mind-navigators that specialize in stealing secrets. They find that they may be well in over their heads when they accept the job of performing an inception, a task where they must plant an idea so deep in someone's mind that the person must believe that it is their own idea.
This movie was amazing! The story was original and thought-provoking, the graphics were incredible, the acting was very good, the music was awesome, and the ending was perfect! I know a lot of people were upset with the ending, but I loved it! The end! This movie was awesome! My favorite movie of all time, and that is a hard bar to reach! Thank the heavens we have Christopher Nolan around to create astounding movies and never leave us disappointed! And just a hint for Hollywood, he didn't have to do it with all the sex and the cussing and the gore that you think is oh-so-necessary!

Okay, this is the end for reals.

But the movie was awesome. Okay I'm done.

It rocks. Last thing I'm gonna say.


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  1. I LOVEDDDD this movie too!!!!! I can't believe we are agreeing so much. Although, you said most people did not like the end. UH? Did I misinterpret? I thought he was in the real world. Did I miss the whole big cosmic message with hidden levels of meaning? Blurg.

  2. Ashlyn, don't freak out about your interpretation. Most people were upset by the fact that the end was ambiguous and the interpretation was left up to the viewer. People prefer confirmation instead of possibility.
    And yes, it is weird that we are agreeing so much. Maybe we should once again take up talking about Harry Potter.