Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Invisible

I'm just going to jump right into this one feet first. I didn't like the film. David S. Goyer has his shining movie moments (helped pen movies like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) but leaves something to be desired with his directing. My main problem with this film is how illogical it all was and how I was left with a lot of unanswered questions. It seems that the main character is surrounded by jerks and cowards as well. His friend is a jerk, his mother is a jerk, the girl he likes is a jerk, so on and so forth. But let's start at the beginning:
The basic idea of the story is about a spoiled, rich kid who gets blamed for something he didn't do (nice friend he's got) and is nearly beat to death. While his body remains alive, he moves around the rest of the movie as a spirit and tries to get someone to find his body so that he can be saved before dying for sure. The story is intriguing, just not well played out. One of the first things that threw me off was after he has been beaten and left for dead, his spirit walks out of the forest in the morning and his first instinct is to... go to school? Even if you don't remember being beaten up, why would you walk out of a forest in the morning and say to yourself, "Why am I here? Oh, it's morning, I better get to class." Um... okay.
Anyways, aside from that, I didn't like how the movie attempted to make you have pity on Annie, an evil girl who is responsible for nearly killing Nick, the main character. This girl steals, she cuts people's fingernails off, she kills people, she's a freakin' jerk to everyone she meets, she runs from the police several times in several ways... and we're supposed to like her somehow? They attempt to make you feel sorrow for her situation because her mom left when she was young and they show all these scenes where you are supposed to be sad about her predicament (even Nick pities her and begins to like her), but I felt no sympathy or remorse for her. Even when she is supposed to do something redeeming in the end, I still didn't like her or think any higher of her. And the fact that they kept trying to make me feel pity for her just made me dislike her more. But I'll stop ranting on her for now. Let's move on to the cops.
The cops in this film seemed intelligent at times - they knew where to look for evidence and who to keep their eye on - but did nothing to solve the case. The main cop knew who was guilty and never did a thing about it. He would walk up to each guilty person and say, "I know what you did." The person would deny it and he'd say, "Okay, call me if you want to confess," and just walk away. He had all the evidence that he needed, he just never used any of it. Plus, the cops weren't very proactive in catching anyone. Several times, Annie would be in a position where she logically would have been caught and taken to jail, but she would just run away and all the cops would slothfully attempt to catch her but, "Oh, shoot. We missed her. She's just on the other side of this fence, but we'll never catch her. I guess we'll just try again tomorrow." Right. If our police were that useless in the real world, no one would ever get caught.
As far as loop holes go, there are way to many to discuss; this post is already becoming a novel. One of the main ones that irked me was how no one could hear or see Nick, not even Annie. But suddenly, without any catalyst that we know of (no near-death experience, no electrocution from a hair-dryer), Annie suddenly has the ability to hear Nick. Why? This leads into the worst love story out there. Suddenly, because she can hear his voice, she begins to fall for Nick, even to the point where she randomly sneaks into his house (without checking to see if someone was home) and begins going through his stuff. And then, suddenly, she is the only one who can bring Nick back to life for reasons that we don't know...

**Spoiler Alert**
She doesn't even do anything to save him but confess to his body that she is a bad person; how does that bring someone back to life? Also, are we supposed to assume that Marcus just died after getting shot?
**Spoiler Alert End**

...Yeah, doesn't make any sense. So, overall, this movie was not worth it. And so it was, that the writer ended his post with bemoanings of a lost and wasted two hours.

The End.

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  1. Thanks for this review! The preview seemed so creepy to me I just wasn't sure I would enjoy it - and your candid review really solidifies that for me. Thanks! :)