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I had very high hopes going into Taken, mainly because I think Liam Neeson is an amazing actor and has a reputation of participating in good movies (until recently - Clash of the Titans and possibly The A-Team). The first half-hour of the film was very engaging and the scene of the daughter's capture was intense. It stayed fairly intense for the rest of the movie, but my interest slowly declined from there, mainly because of the character progression of Neeson. Again, I will do my best not to spoil the movie for those who still have not seen it. In the beginning, Neeson is a very likable lead character. He portrays a credible father through the entire movie, there is no question about that. The problem arises when Neeson's daughter is taken and he assumes his role as ex-spy. Neeson throws away the good-natured, fatherly persona and becomes a violent James Bond-like figure, killing anyone and everyone that he sees. He almost becomes the bad guy in the film, lacking the qualities that set him apart from his enemies; basically becoming a mindless killing machine, especially by the end of the film. You still get the feeling that he'd do anything to get his daughter back, but you begin to wonder at what price. Like Drew said in an earlier post, it's a pretty vengeful movie.

**Spoiler Alert**
The movie ends pretty quickly. Neeson finds where his daughter is, bursts in, guns blazing, and kills everyone in a matter of minutes. The thing that bothered me the most about this film is after Neeson gets his daughter back. They return to America and suddenly everything is back to normal and its like the whole thing never happened. Everyone's happy and wonderful and untraumatized. Sure, the daughter has a better relationship with her father, but other than that, nothing has changed from the beginning of the movie. I hated that! Annoyed the heck out of me. It's like they could have cut out everything in-between and you still would have had the same ending. Grrr.. never do that; completely takes away anything to be gained from the film.
**End Spoiler Alert**

As far as questionable content:
**Spoiler Alert** - The daughter is part of a large group of women that are being sold as sex slaves to foreign men, so you can imagine what the women are all wearing, or almost not wearing, during the bidding scene. There are a couple other scenes that deal with this content that are a bit risky.
**Non-Spoiler Alert** - The movie is a fairly violent film. Lots of shooting and hand-to-hand-to-knife combat stuff going on. So, be ready to see violence.
There is some profanity, but no "F"-bomb. Because of the nature of the theft of the daughter, there are sexual references.

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