Friday, June 4, 2010

Seven Pounds

Overall, I felt that Seven Pounds was interesting, but not astounding in any way. Plus, it's a bit depressing and sad. Seven Pounds, for me, is one of those movies where I watch it, enjoy it, but feel no need to see it again. I felt that while I was interested to see the progression of the story and how it was all wrapped up in the end, I was not captivated enough by the characters or the goal. Will Smith seemed to retain one emotion - depression - and one look throughout the film - either confusion or being lost. Will Smith is a great actor, but he seemed to be lacking a connection with his role.
I also have to admit that I did not like the ending. I will do my best to not reveal anything for readers who still desire to see the movie. I know that what Smith does at the end of the film is supposed to be considered heroic or generous, but I felt it was more of a cop-out. Sure, he helped a lot of people in the end; but after all that happened to him through the first 7/8 of the film, I just ended up feeling sad for him instead of proud of him. He was so caught up in the tragedy of his past that his moment of heroism came off (to me) as an emotional dodge or a form of self-pity. You also feel really sorry for his friends in the end.
Now, I know I am giving off the impression that I hated this film; not so. It was enjoyable to watch. But it was a sad film and I feel like I don't need to see it again.

As far as questionable content:
There is a sex scene where the characters begin undressing each other down to their skivvies. We don't see anything beyond that point. There is some mild profanity but no "F"-bomb.

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  1. I'm very glad to see this review. I had only ever heard two things about this movie: it was a waste of time because nothing made sense and it was so good I cried. Neither were very helpful. So thanks for your thoughts {and Drew too!}. I also appreciate the "questionable content" part.