Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sequels and Reboots in Brief...

I figured that I'd give everyone a heads up on the many, many, many sequels and reboots that are coming our way soon. Seems to be the season for nothing else right now, so here it is (in no particular order):
Nanny Mcphee Returns - yep, modern-Mary Poppins is back for another film. You can view the trailer here. While I enjoyed the first film, this one doesn't look as stirring. New family, same plot.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 - The first film was great, but why would you want to frame Roger again?
Sherlock Holmes 2 - Slated for a release at the end of 2011, this film is sporting much of the same cast as before. Come on, you had to know this was coming with how the first one ended.
Mission: Impossible 4 - If it ain't broke, rehash it several times over... apparently. I was amazed everyone agreed to do a third film after the M:I 2 disaster; don't get me started on that film. While this film is produced by J.J. Abrams, the man responsible for bringing it back to life with M:I 3, the film is being directed by Brad Bird. That strikes me as odd since Bird's film credits are mainly cartoons (The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Reboot) - In light of other successful prequels and film reboots, someone decided it would be a good idea to attempt a Ninja Turtles restart. The worst part about this, is that it is being helmed by Michael Bay (our Transformers-destroying friend) and produced by a studio that has never done anything but horror films. Oh joy.
Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom - He's back to fight the evil, they will never defeat him. (That was a tribute to Ghostbusters 2, if no one caught it)
Transformers 3 - I know I've already touched on this film, but the recent update is that Megan Fox's role has been replaced with a Victoria Secret model. While I was excited before, I'm depressed now. At least Megan Fox was interested in acting. How much body ogling are we going to have to endure with a VS model on board? Michael Bay, thou art an idiot.
More Musketeers - Orlando Bloom has apparently just signed on for another Three Musketeers attempt. I say we stick to Disney's Three Musketeers and leave well enough alone.
Batman 3 - Christopher Nolan has been more open about a Dark Knight sequel now that Inception is done. He says that his brother is working on a script and he is excited about the ideas for a third film. His main concern is whether or not they can make a good film. He also says that Joker will not come back for the third film; he doesn't feel comfortable doing that.
Superman - Along with ideas for a Batman 3, Nolan has also been interested in working on a Superman film.
National Treasure 3 - The script is being completed at current. It is starting where the second one ended: page 47.
Snow White - Apparently Brett Ratner (famous for his Rush Hour films) is creating a Snow White film that boasts a different attitude than what we've seen from Disney or TV specials.
Gulliver's Travels - Jack Black is the lead star of a Gulliver's Travels remake. 'nuff said.
X-Men: First Class - Bryan Singer, famed for his X-Men and X2 films, is producing a new X-Men film that will focus on the younger generation of X-Men, such as Rogue and Ice Man.
Battlestar Galactica - Along with X-Men: First Class, Singer has also undertaken a film based on the popular television series, Battlestar Galactica. This should make Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Rajesh happy, don't you think?
Excalibur - Aside from those two films, Singer has also decided to take on another long-time legend and remake the popular 80's film, Excalibur.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 - If that isn't enough, Singer will also be directing the sequel to the prequel of X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. This story will focus on Wolverine's life in Japan training as a Samurai.
Indiana Jones 5 - While most viewers (myself included) despised Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it managed to make enough revenue to inspire Spielberg and Lucas to look at making another one, possibly moving the Indiana Jones franchise from Harrison Ford to Shia LeBeouf.
Halo - This movie has been on and off for a while, but it has been confirmed that the movie will be made, it's just a matter of when.
The Hobbit Parts 1 & 2 - Peter Jackson will be producing the prequel to Lord of the Rings, in two parts, as soon as the studio gives the project a green light. Guillermo Del Toro, famed for his Hellboy films, was signed on to direct the films, but after two-years of pre-production work and no green light from the studio, he called it quits last month.
Star Trek Sequel - I'm sure most people expected this, but a Star Trek sequel has been announced.
Ghostbusters 3 - This project has been very back and forth recently and no one was sure if it was going to happen or not. Especially since Bill Murray has been stating that the rumors are all myths. In a conversation in ABC 7, Harold Ramis recently said that Ghostbusters 3 will happen and is planned to be released Christmas of 2012. We'll see.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - The fourth installment of the Pirates films will have lots of goodies for fans of the series; including, but not limited to, the Fountain of Youth, Blackbeard, Penélope Cruz, Barbossa, Captain Jack Sparrow, an so on and so forth. This movie is actually based on a completely separate novel by Tim Powers, called On Stranger Tides, with a main character named Jack Shandy. Should be interesting.
Cars 2 - In this sequel, Lightening McQueen and Mater take it to an international level with McQueen racing on some global fast tracks.

Whew, made it. That was a lot. Disappointments, here we come. (Am I being overly-pessimistic?)

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