Sunday, April 18, 2010


I suppose watching a lot of movies doesn't necessarily qualify me to be known as a "film guru", does it? The term "guru" technically means "expert". But then again, don't we think of film critics like Roger Ebert and Michael Medved as experts when their main job is to watch films only? Hmm, yes. Since my goal is to become a professional filmmaker and I have studied filmmaking in great depth, I feel justified in calling myself a film guru. The end.
I started this blog to share some things I've learned about filmmaking and for the occasional rant about a bad movie. I also hope that many will comment on my posts and either agree or disagree with me. I hope that this blog can become a valuable tool and place where film lovers can agree or share their own opinions about various film topics and movies.
If you feel that I need more qualifications, here:
I am currently a university student majoring in Communications with a Broadcasting emphasis and a minor in Theatre Arts. (P.S., I did not spell "theatre" wrong; believe me when I say I have suffered many lectures about "theatre" meaning the art form and "theater" being the place where you watch a performance) Also, as a warning, I am prone to taking tangents in my posts, so readers be ready. My current job is Production Manager for the I~Comm Student Media Lab where I oversee a news group, a video production group and help with projects from related classes. I am chief editor for a television program broadcast nationally. I have worked on many video projects in this position and have had the opportunity to work with some of the most recent high-end video equipment on the market. I have worked several different positions in the studio that ranges from camera operator to technical director. I have won awards for some of my projects, including Best Editor and Best Picture. I have met with film clubs to discuss film and researched several sources dealing with filmmaking. Does that help to convince that I know a little bit about what I'm talking about?
I don't profess to know everything. Not even close. But I do know a little. Blech, enough about me, let's talk film!

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